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What is Nutrition and its Deficiency

Food is the basic need of life for every living organism. The food we eat has many chemical elements that are arranged in different ways to form molecules. These molecules together give flavour, colour and texture to the food. Our body utilises some of these molecules to carry out various functions and to keep us healthy. Such molecules are called nutrients and the study of the nutrients, their relationship with food and their functions in the human body is called nutrition. There are many kinds of nutrients that have their own function and also play an important role in various functions of the body.

Most of the food substances contain more than one type of nutrient. They help our body meet daily needs of energy and maintain good health.

Nutritional status is a measure which helps determine the amount of nutrients consumed by an individual and how it is utilised in the body. If a person intakes adequate amount of nutrients that are required for the body to carry out its daily function and also provides a ‘reserve’ then it considered as optimum nutrition.

When a person consumes a well-balanced diet that supplies all the essential nutrients to the body and helps the body to carry out its functions properly then such a person is considered to have good nutritional status.

When a person does not consume adequate amount of nutrients or if the person’s body is unable to utilise the nutrients to carry out its functions, then such a person is referred to have poor nutritional status.

Shiny hair Dull eyes
Firm flesh Poor physique
Clear eyes Improper sleep
Smooth skin Slumped posture
Good stamina Very little stamina
Resistance to diseases Dull and lifeless hair
Regular and proper sleep Fatigue and depression
Correct BMI (Body Mass Index) Overweight or underweight