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Ferradol - Multivitamin Syrup

Common Deficiency States

Deficiency of carbohydrates:


Deficiency of proteins:

Symptoms: Child exhibits stunted growth, anaemia, swollen legs, discolouration of hair etc.

Symptoms: Lean muscles, weak bones, rough skin, weak legs, mental retardation etc.

Deficiency of vitamin A:


Deficiency of vitamin D:

Rickets, osteomalacia (softening of bone).

Deficiency of vitamin E:

Haemolytic anaemia in new-born babies. Infertility in males and females. Abortion in females.

Deficiency of vitamin K:

Increases risk of bleeding.

Deficiency of vitamin C:


Deficiency of vitamin B1:

Beriberi, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.

Deficiency of vitamin B2:

Ariboflanisosis (mouth lesions, seborrhoea, and vascularization of the cornea).

Deficiency of vitamin B3:


Deficiency of vitamin B5:

Paraesthesia (tingling, pricking, or numbness of the skin with no apparent long-term physical effect).

Deficiency of vitamin B6:

Anaemia, peripheral neuropathy.

Deficiency of vitamin B7:

Dermatitis, enteritis.
Overdose disease - none reported.

Deficiency of vitamin B9:

Birth defects during pregnancy, such as neural tube.

Deficiency of vitamin B12:

Megaloblastic anaemia (red blood cells without nucleus).

Deficiency of Minerals:

Iron deficiency: Anaemia.
Symptoms: Headache, dark patches under the eyes, weakness and feeling tired.

Iodine deficiency: Goitre. Symptoms: Thyroid gland does not function properly. In adults, goitre results in swelling of glands near the throat.

Calcium deficiency: Weak and brittle bones, tooth decay. Treatment: Diet should include milk, eggs, dairy products, leafy vegetables.

Phosphorous deficiency: Weak and brittle bones, improper functioning of the heart and muscles, impaired formation of genetic material in our body.